Innovation is the Agenda at WWDC

2007.05.26. 09:49 AdSafari

This June the center of the Mac universe will be at Moscone West in downtown San Francisco as developers and IT professionals from around the globe come together for the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with Apple engineers, get a firsthand look at the latest technologies, and spend a week getting the kind of inspiration you won’t find anywhere else.

The Leopard beta. Available first at WWDC. At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, we’re planning to show you a feature-complete version of Mac OS X Leopard, and you can take home a beta copy.

Plan your week at WWDC. Conference schedule now available.

See how your week of learning the latest technologies in Mac OS X Leopard will come together at WWDC. Check out the conference schedule to get a detailed listing of over 150 sessions and more than 90 labs — all waiting for you at WWDC.

Start your WWDC experience now with Coding Headstarts

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Prepare for a captivating week of learning at WWDC with Coding Headstarts. Complete with introductory video, lesson guide and sample code in an Xcode project, Coding Headstarts provide you with step-by-step guidance on how to create new and compelling features in your application using the essential development languages, APIs and frameworks of Mac OS X Leopard.

Tap into the best engineering resources at Apple.

At WWDC you’ll receive unparalleled access to Apple engineers. Work side-by-side with engineers responsible for the powerful features in Mac OS X to solve code-level issues, gain insight into their coding techniques and get answers to the technical topics critical to you.

For software developers, web developers, scripters, system administrators and IT managers who innovate using Apple technologies, WWDC is your ultimate source for technical insight, information and inspiration.

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